Miriam Calleja is the bilingual author of poetry collections Pomegranate Heart (EDE Books, 2015) and Inside Skin (a two-book series
in collaboration with a lith photographer, EDE Books 2016).

She has also been published in poetry collections Please Hear What I’m Not Saying (2018, editor Isabelle Kenyon), Poetic Potatoes (2018, a collaboration between Valletta 2018 and Inizjamed together with Leeuwarden 2018). Her work has been translated into Slovene in the collection Wara Settembru (2018, Slovene Writers Association).

She lives in Malta where she regularly facilitates creative writing workshops, literary salons, and poetry performances. Her poems have appeared in newspapers, magazines and anthologies, locally and internationally: The Sunday Times of Malta, Sentinel Quarterly, 63 channels, Degenerate Literature, The Bleed Typewriter among others. She has read at events in Malta, Berlin, London, and New York.

Miriam believes that poetry and prose are tools for storytelling that encourage unity. She has great faith in collaboration as a key to communication.

In 2015 she was shortlisted for a literary excellence award for her poem ‘Burying the Dark’, which has been published in an anthology by Magic Oxygen in the UK.

In 2017 she was recognised by the Network of Young Women Leaders as a leading female artist in Malta.

Upcoming projects for 2018 includes two community-devised projects for Orfeo & Majnun in collaboration with Valletta2018 Capital of Culture.

Pomegranate Heart was published in May 2015 by EDE Books in Malta, and is now available on Kindle. The second edition was published in June 2016.

Read a review of Pomegranate Heart by Ian D. Hall here.

Inside Skin was published in September 2016 by EDE Books in Malta, and is now on its second small run.


Poetry by Miriam Calleja